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July 29-31, 2022  |  Hanwha Dreamplus, Seoul

Contact Information: [email protected]

핵아톰 서울 2022

일정 : 7월 29-31일

장소 : 한화 드림플러스

크립토서울이 2019년에 이어 두번째 핵아톰 서울 해커톤을 개최하게 되었습니다.

핵아톰 서울은 비들 아시아 컨퍼런스를 앞두고 국내외 해커들과 함께 72시간 동안 드림플러스 강남에서 진행될 예정이며, 1등 팀에게는 비들 컨퍼런스에서 발표를 할 수 있는 기회가 주어집니다.


코스모스를 이용한 다양한 챌린지들에 도전해보세요!


해커톤 외에 무료 워크샵 세션이 주말내내 진행될 계획이니, 해커톤에 참여하지 않으셔도 등록 링크 통해 워크샵 참석 등록하세요.

< 접수 마감 >
2022년 7월 27일 저녁 11시 59분



HackAtom Seoul 2022

July 29-31 | Hanwha Dreamplus, Seoul

< Introduction >

KryptoSeoul is proud to present its second hackathon in Seoul —the 2022 HackAtom is coming to Seoul, South Korea. Preceding BUIDL ASIA 2022, for 72 hours straight, the HackAtom will host South Korea's best hackers. Teams will compete to take home a diverse range of prizes, rewarded to the best teams that builds the Interchain vision.

​Aside from the hackathon, there will be a series of free, educational workshops throughout HackAtom Seoul 2022 and anyone is free to register and join!

Application Deadline: 11:59pm July 27th, 2022


<General Challenges>

1. Interchain Prize: Interoperability



Build something that pushes IBC forward.


IBC is the path towards a fully interoperable network, reaching even beyond the Cosmos network. Much can still be done and we’re asking you to build something that pushes the IBC mission forward. This could be an application that leverages IBC in a novel way, a new IBC application level packet type, improvements or modifications to lower levels of IBC or implementation in new environments. Surprise us with how interoperability unlocks ingenuity.


  • Your project is using the IBC spec.

  • This includes ibc-go, ibc-rs, hermes relayer, golang relayer, and more.



2. Hub Prize: Interchain Security


Spin up a Consumer Chain that showcases the power of the Cross Chain Validation (CCV) protocol and experiment with the application layer.



Interchain Security allows any Cosmos-SDK chain to be secured by the entire Cosmos Hub validator set and the total market capitalization of the ATOM. This task will give developers the opportunity to experiment with the Cross Chain Validation (CCV) protocol. You are encouraged to play around with Interchain Security and innovate on the application layer. The task itself is open-ended in nature. The main goal is to be create: consider how Interchain Security will reimagine the process of launching a Cosmos-SDK chain and how the Cosmos Hub can evolve as a chain for application development and deployment.


Your project leverages Interchain security design in some way.




3. Application Prize: Cosmos-SDK


Build either a blockchain with the Cosmos SDK, a rewrite of an existing module, or a tool that improves the user experience of developing with the SDK.



The Cosmos SDK allows anyone to easily build a sovereign blockchain that comes feature packed with modules to get your decentralized application started. We are curious to find out what you can do with the SDK. This could be a brand new module to kickstart your own blockchain, a novel redesign of an existing module, or tooling that improves the user experience for SDK developers like yourself.


Your project is using the Cosmos SDK repository or uses a codebase like Atlas, Lens, or any other tool that provides UX improvements to SDK.



<Sponsor Challenges>

1. Osmosis Track: CosmWasm-related challenge




Build a CosmWasm application that interacts with Osmosis AMM using their custom bindings.


Osmosis is the largest deployment of pemissioned CosmWasm, and includes custom bindings to their native AMM modules. People building DeFi applications that want to take advantage of a solid DEX (either as a price oracle or to swap tokens) may be interested to build on this chain.
For this challenge, you should write a CosmWasm contract that uses Osmosis custom bindings to interact with their AMM. The contract should leverage this functionality to produce some useful protocol that would enhance the Osmosis ecosystem. You should deploy the app to the Osmosis testnet and provide a UI.



One of the judging criteria is your imagination and product design, but here are some ideas for inspiration, which you could also use :

  • Maker DAO like stablecoin using Osmosis for TWAP price oracle and liquidation

  • Autocompounder for Osmosis LP shares

  • Futures or options on a token using the AMM for settlement



2. Juno Track: CosmWasm-related challenge


Write a CosmWasm contract that runs on Juno testnet and demonstrates the power of CosmWasm IBC to create a meaningful product-level application (not just R&D).


Juno is currently the largest deployment of permissionless CosmWasm in the Cosmos ecosystem. They encourage many projects to build on their chain and are focused on governance and composability. They are looking at IBC to enable more composability of DAOs and other protocols with other Cosmos blockchains.
For this challenge, you should write a CosmWasm application that runs on Juno testnet and another testnet of your choice. It must leverage IBC protocols to provide novel cross-chain functionality. This must go beyond the contract just calling IbcTransfer to move tokens, and have a meaningful product level application (not just R&D). You should provide a UI or document CLI tooling to interact with the application.


One of the judging criteria is your imagination and product design, but here are some ideas for inspiration, which you could also use :

  • Leverage Interchain Accounts for a DAO to stake assets on a remote chain (that doesn’t have CosmWasm)

  • Write a custom protocol to move NFTs between Juno and Stargaze testnets (both have CosmWasm)

  • Build an “AMM router” that swaps tokens either on JunoSwap (local) or Osmosis (via custom IBC protocol) depending on the best current rate.


3. Evmos Track: Solidity-related challenge


EVM has finally arrived in the Cosmos ecosystem! The successful launch of Evmos mainnet marks a new era of interoperability between Ethereum and our growing IBC gang. The ability to deploy Solidity-based applications and contracts opens the door wide for a new generation of DeFi and dapps that leverage the features of both Ethereum and Cosmos.


The Evmos (formerly known as Ethermint) mainnet was launched roughly three months ago, and we are proud to say that the network is stable and producing blocks every ~1.9seconds!

We are calling upon all Ethereum and solidity developers to deploy and develop on Evmos — the amazing infrastructure is currently a relatively blank canvas waiting for you to fill in with your creative ideas.

Evmos is looking for projects of all ranges, from differing skill sets that you bring. Projects can be as simple utility tools, to much more advanced implementations of exciting features that will be presented by the Laurel Project (make sure to attend the workshop!).

We are structuring our prize pool to allow for developers and projects to fully utilize their creativity: a grand prize of $30K will be rewarded to the most impressive project, and 7 runner-up prizes of $10K will be given (for a total prize pool of $100,000 in Evmos tokens).


Although we are approaching the hackathon with a very open “use your creativity,” un-restrictive track, we would love to see the following:

  • Usage of evmos.js, an integral tool for both EVM and Cosmos SDK usage

  • Applications that leverage IBC transfers

  • Analytics and informative dashboards that utilize both the EVM and Cosmos SDK’s modules

  • Deployment of DAO and governance toolings

  • Toolings and contracts that expand the usage of our Gnosis Safe deployment

  • Extra kudos for devs that utilizes the features presented by Loredana of the Laurel Project (more info will be presented at the workshop)

While the aforementioned is not a strict list of ‘must haves’, special consideration will be given to those that do implement one or more of the suggestions!

Forks of existing Ethereum projects are also welcome, as long as there are modifications that make it unique on the Evmos network.

Outstanding projects may also be invited to apply for an Evmos Foundation Grant.



HackAtom Prize Pool

  Total price of 37500 ATOM

  • 1st Place 6250 ATOM (~USD $50k)

  • 2nd Place 3750 ATOM (~USD $30k)

  • 3rd Place 1250 ATOM (~USD $10k) (two winners)

  Osmosis Prize: CosmWasm (Permissioned)

  • 1st Place USD $50k in OSMO

  • 2nd Place USD $30k in OSMO

  • 3rd Place USD $10k in OSMO (two winners)

for a total prize pool of USD $100k in OSMO

  Juno Prize: CosmWasm (Permissionless)

  • 1st Place USD $50k in JUNO

  • 2nd Place USD $30k in JUNO

  • 3rd Place USD $10k in JUNO (two winners)

for a total prize pool of USD $100k in JUNO

  Evmos Prize: Solidity-related challenge

  • 1st Place USD $50k in EVMOS

  • 2nd Place USD $30k in EVMOS

  • 3rd Place USD $10k in EVMOS (two winners)

for a total prize pool of USD $100k in EVMOS

HackATOM Seoul Critics’ Awards

  • Persistence Award: USD $5k in $XPRT

The best CosmWasm project of the whole competition [tracks Juno ~ Osmosis]. The winner will be selected by Ethan Frey.

  • DreamPlus Award: 5 MacBook Pro

Selected hackers will be rewarded by the DreamPlus team as per performance and talent showcased during the whole competition

  • Interchain Award: Speech Slot at Buidl Asia main stage

The best project submitted of the whole HackATOM as per judges’ choice will have the great honor to give a speech at Buidl Asia Main Stage


Workshops & Talks

Workshops will be recorded and shared via cosmos youtube channel

Day 1 [Friday, July 29th]

[18:00] Welcome to HackAtom Seoul and intro by Erica Kang
[18:10] Introduction to the Cosmos Ecosystem and Cosmos Hub by Ethan Buchman | Interchain Foundation president and Cosmos Founder
[18:35] Osmosis with Josh Lee | Chaninapsis & Osmosis
[18:40] Juno with Jake Hartnell | Juno Core-1
[18:45] Evmos with Nic Z. | Evmos
[18:50] Agoric with Dean Tribble | Agoric
[18:55] Stargaze with Shane Vitarana | Stargaze
[19:00] Crescent with Hyungyeon Lee | Crescent
[19:05] Provalidator with Joonyoung Park | Provalidator
[19:10] Konstellation with Sang Lee l Konstellation
[19:15] Mention to F&B sponsors, Venue & Ecosystem Partners by Erica (Cosmostation, Hanwha Dreamplus, Persistence, Informal Systems)
[19:20] HackAtom Challenges + Rules with Noam | DevRel Lead at Interchain GmbH
[19:40] Judges Panel: [Keys for Success at HackATOM!]
[20:00] Team building & Start Hacking

[venue accessible 24/24]

Day 2 [Saturday, July 30th]
[09:10] Workshop: [Get started with IBC ~ Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol] with Thomas Dekeyser | Interchain GmbH
[11:00] Workshop: [CosmWasm Smart Contracts crash course (Osmosis)] with Ethan Frey | Confio Team
[13:00] Workshop: [EVM: Trailblazing the Inter-Chain] with Loredana | evmos4volunteers
[13:30] Workshop: [Deploying a Sovereign Rollup on Celestia ] with Nader Dabit | Celestia
[14:00] Workshop: [Project Spotlight: Juno] with Jake Hartnell
[14:30] Workshop: [ Building a Basic Frontend for Your Cosmos Chain ] with Noam Cohen | Interchain GmbH
[16:00] Talk: [Introducing the Interchain Builders Program] with Rafa Aviles | Interchain GmbH
[16:30] Workshop: [Get started with Interchain Security] with Dan | Informal System
[18:30] Workshop: [Get started with Crescent DEX & Cosmos DeFi] with Hyungyeon Lee
[20:30] Workshop: [Introduction to Substrate x IBC] with Cdot Team

[venue accessible 24/24]

Day 3 [Sunday, July 31st]

[09:00] Day program and greetings by Erica Kang
[09:10] Workshop: [CosmWasm Smart Contracts crash course (Osmosis)] with Bartłomiej Kuras | Confio Team
[11:00] Workshop: [Ethereum on Cosmos with Evmos] with Nic Z. | Evmos
[12:00] Talk: [Why Cosmos is the right place to kickstart your web3 career] with Jelena Djuric
[12:30] Talk: [Project Spotlight: Sommelier] with Zaki Manian | Sommelier & Iqlusion
[12:59] Deadline HackATOM Submission
[13:00-15:00] Presentation of Teams to Judges
[14:00] Talk: [Project Spotlight: Konstellation] with Bumsoo Kim l Konstellation
[14:30] Talk: [Project Spotlight Stargaze] with Shane | Stargaze
[15:00]  Talk: [Project Spotlight: Agoric ~ Mechanics of Inter Protocol ($IST)] with Dean Tribble | Agoric
[15:30] Validators Panel: [Operating the Interchain] with Stakefish, Provalidator, Informal Systems, Cosmostation, Chorus One, and DSRV
[16:00] Proclamation of Winners
[18:00] HackATOM Seoul afterparty at Goose Island Brewery


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